About Me

In my own life I had no idea what I really wanted and what was making me happy. Until the moment I became a mother, during my pregnancy I realized for the first time in my life, that I had to take responsibility. Not only for a newborn human being, but mainly also taking responsibility for myself, for my life.

It’s a journey, an adventure and I decided to make it an exciting ride! I am here to play, to have fun, to dive in deeper levels and to explore the questions like: Who Am I? What Is It What I Really Want To Do?

Also in my work with clients we both dive in the deeper layers, that is touching the connection with the soul, mind and body. Everything you think, experience and feel passes through us as a flow. Sometimes we get stuck on our way and then it’s helpful if we feel safe with someone we trust to help us further on our path.

You can create the life you want, if you learn to (re)connect with your inside wisdom, which may have been a hidden place for a long time.

Looking forward to guide you to (re)discover the truth about yourself.

To your inside wisdom, Jessica Versluijs