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I have had the pleasure to be guided by the warm energy of Jessica. Since our sessions my daily mantra is 'What was was, What is is, Embrace it with love' Thank you Jessica

Edward Tchai
| Owner at Moedhart Gallery

The Sessions I had with Jessica really changed my life, and I am thankful for that. I warmly recommend her as a practitioner with a lot of empathy, attention, calmness and a very warm and open energy.

Jochen Stechmann
| Freelance Performer, Choreographer, Dramaturge

Working with Jessica, a Grinberg practitioner, was a truly moving experience. Over the course of 5 sessions, she supported me to focus each one on a concrete issue and a tangible - usually physical - way of addressing it. She "corrected" my tendency to be abstract and helped to channel my energy and feelings through breath and movement. The learnings were deep enough that I have incorporated much of what she taught me into my daily life, and I also look forward to working with her again in the future. I highly recommend working with Jessica to anyone interested in the Grinberg method. Thank you, Jessica!

Amanda Gigler
| Director of Philanthropic Partnerships and Communications at Mama Cash

Jessica is an attentive and responsive Grinberg practitioner, working with her enabled me to be more present in stressful situations and better equipped to deal with challenging people. Grinberg is a simple yet powerful method and Jessica is very experienced, you will be in good hands - highly recommended!

Richard Hsieh
| Head of Telecoms and Technology, Global Corporates at Lloyds Bank, Commercial Banking

With Jessica, you learn how to breath and bring the oxygen where is most needed. It is then that you become aware, listen to all what your body has to say and use your inner energy to heal yourself. What a magic moment! Excellent method and dedication.

Piedad Alonso
| Learning Director

Jessica is a remarkable coach. Regardless of my emotional, mental and physical state I was in, I was always welcome in her practice and left stronger and more centered. Jessica's care goes beyond the coaching session and body-work. She gave me little exercises to continue stay in the power and confidence I had gained and followed up with me regularly. I was and still am really touched by her genuine care and warmth she radiates.

Cara Kosack
| Leader Diagnostic Network

Not only is Jessica a very skillful person in the field of healing, it's also pretty rare to encounter someone as enthousiastic and passionate as she is: she truly loves the work she does and she has so much healing power that she gives and gives and it's by this giving that she receives true happiness. This is totally reflected in her work and every session is a deep experience in which old things will start to resolve and new things are bound to happen...

I would recommend some sessions with Jessica to anyone who is in pain, whether physical or emotional!

Frederieke Couvee
| Teacher & healer @ Divine Ayurveda