The Wisdom of Your Pelvis

Tuning into the wisdom of your pelvis?

As a woman, the pelvic area can feel sensitive and vulnerable, for example during menstruation, pregnancy, ovulation, menopause, if you experience bleeding during intimacy, or if you have other symptoms.

I have developed a mentorship program especially for women experiencing these symptoms, called Tuning into the wisdom of your pelvis. During a 3-month period you have personal 1-on-1 calls with me.

This program might be for you if you experience:

  • (Menstrual or low back) pain, missed or irregular cycles, excessive bleeding, UTI’s, or a tightness or stiffness in the pelvic area
  • Having issues feeling anything in this area
  • Tuning into the pelvis triggers a sense of discomfort and vulnerability
  • Feeling shame or discomfort around intimacy with your partner
  • You struggle with themes time and money
  • You experience stress in your job, relationship or health.

Being tuned into your pelvis means being also tuned into your source of energy, life force, and your creative power.

Which themes are connected to the pelvic area?

  • Feeling a sense of trust
  • Making decisions
  • Feeling grounded, experiencing a solid foundation
  • Feeling healthy and vibrant in your body
  • Being connected to your inner compass
  • Feeling freedom around time and money
  • Experiencing pleasure in your body
  • Mental clarity and concentration
  • Knowing your priorities
  • Knowing what food and nourishment your body truly needs

Are you open and willing to tune into the wisdom of your pelvis?

What is the core of the program?

  • We start with an interview where we dive deep into your personal focus and intention for this 3-month period.
  • We meet 1-on-1 in 7 sessions of about 1 hour in a 90-day period, at times that work best for both of us. The sessions can be held online or in London. The worth of these sessions is £ 785,-.
  • You will receive powerful physical, vocal and writing exercises that will guide you in your process between our sessions.
  • The possibility to share your experiences with me and reflect together daily during the 3-month period.


  • Free acces for the monthly masterclasses on Friday mornings, where you meet others going through a similar journey online, worth £ 60,- (for 3 sessions)
  • Free acces for the monthly online group sessions ‘Satsang Inside Wisdom’ on Saturday mornings (3 sessions), worth £ 60,-
  • At your own pace you will follow the online workshop Clarity on your Longings, worth £ 97
  • The price of the mentorship program is £ 777,- (paying in instalments is possible).

To know if this mentorship program is the right fit for you, I would like to have a free introduction call by phone or online before starting this program. 

What others say about this program:

‘Jessica specializes in healing trauma. Traumas are often stored in the body and can manifest in many different ways. For a lot of women, trauma is stored in the pelvic area, which is why she developed this program centered around the pelvic especially for women.’

My own experience

In the last 14 years I have guided many women with symptoms related with their cycle. One client here cycle stopped, after an abortion, during a period of three years. After a couple of sessions, her natural cycle returned. Many women I have guided experience changes around their cycle, since tuning into the deeper layers of trauma stored in the pelvis activates their healing process.

If you are interested, please contact me by phone (UK nr) +447508577890 or email

You deserve to come home to yourself!

With love, Jessica