The Joy of Following your Internal Compass

12 January 2024

1st of a quartet: the exhilarating flow of life as a fast motor ride

This illustration was inspired by the experience of a client. The speed of life, which can feel overwhelming and adventurous at the same time. Sometimes it seems like you are swept away by it, and it can be challenging to surrender and allow yourself to flow with it.

I have added my own interpretation to the illustration: the squeezing eyes that cannot always see where they are going but are enjoying the speed anyway and know it’s okay to not know exactly where you are going.

2nd of a quartet: from the sidecar I get to be a spectator on someone´s path.

An experience a client shared with me:

´Jessica offers safety and warmth that allow me to carry all pieces of myself in her presence. She also challenges me by noticing and reflecting back behavior that is not sincere´.

Together you often reach other destinations than when you carry it all alone.

For the longest time I had the (limiting) belief that I had to do it all on my own. Until I realized that with the right help, I was able to truly develop myself.

I often feel called towards less conventional methods of support, which is how I found the Grinberg method, a truly special form of bodywork.

When I started my journey, I had a strong tendency to avoid pain. Later I discovered that my greatest strength is hidden in my pain. My whole worldview changed, and I started opening up to facing the discomforts of life and carrying the responsibility for uncomfortable emotions.

It is not the easy way, but to me it feels like the only way, and the sincerest way. And yet I still feel like I am at the very beginning of this journey.

3rd of a quartet: relaxing like in a warm bath

Clients often share that in our sessions they are challenged to face intense emotions, although there is a necessary space for relaxation. 

One of my clients described it as follows:

´Enjoying the fast pace, the adventure, and my nervous system was able to relax slowly, like when taking a warm nourishing bath.’


4th of a quartet: the joy of following your internal compass

Knowing what my internal compass was telling me was a long search for me.

Until I realized that following my compass means I am constantly course-correcting. It means the art of surrender, trusting the not knowing, and continuously trying new roads.

Sometimes I find myself in the middle of a storm, and other times there is a soothing wind accompanying me. We have no influence on the wind, but we can control how we approach it.

With fear or excitement? Boredom or relaxation? Frustration or inspiration? With restraint or courage? With judgment and criticism or unconditional (self)love?

When I acknowledge the fear, there is room for excitement. When I acknowledge the boredom, there is room for relaxation. When I acknowledge the anger, there is room for inspiration. When I acknowledge the paralysis, there is room for courage. Acknowledging the judgment makes space for self-love and compassion.

To me, this illustration is truly reflecting that I am on course, and that I get to enjoy the journey, with all the challenges and bumps in the road that come along.

It also brings back memories from my childhood, when I took sailing lessons at 8 years old and learned how to sail in an optimist (a 1-person sailboat). It felt like true freedom, learning to steer and navigate this little boat by myself, playing with the water and the wind. I can also feel the fear I experienced when a heavy wind made me capsize. In the years that followed I sailed a lot with my father and had some beautiful and exciting adventures on the water.

The metaphor of following my internal compass and taking hold of the steering wheel is symbolic for how I approach life. This approach has led me to picking back up my (car) driving lessons and learning to ride a horse. And it has brought me the desire to pick sailing back up. Exciting! To be continued🥰

How do you experience following your inner compass and taking hold of the steering wheel?

If you would like to gain more clarity on your inner compass, you can reach out to me, I am happy to guide you on this adventure!

With love, Jessica

PS Thank you Elise from Visueliseren for illustrating the experiences of my clients and my personal journey🥰