Achieving serenity when life is hectic

9 January 2017

Can you find peace and serenity in periods of excitement and agitation?

Maybe you are a star in protecting your boundaries, and know as few others how to look after yourself and make sure you have time to unwind.

In my case, this last week has been full of interesting challenges for me. My head (ie my intellect) thought I could get a lot done, while my body gave completely different signals. Experience has taught me that I must pay attention to these signals. It’s not always easy, but it does mean everything becomes simpler. Protecting boundaries, knowing when to say ‘no’ and communicating clearly all help.

One of the tools, I use to make sure I listen to my body is to exercise regularly. It helps me clear my head and make decisions using my whole body. Would you like to be able to do that, too?

Take a look at this video of Avi Grinberg, founder of the Grinberg method, leading an exercise routine. This footage was shot when Grinberg visited The Netherlands in 2015 and he shared with the participants of a seminar by the Open Circles Academy a physical Reset.

Click here to watch the video.

Once you have watched the video, you can do the routine anytime you have ten minutes to spare.

I’m curious what you think about it.

My first video

Exciting news: I recently decided to step in front of the camera for the first time! The project would have been impossible without the enthusiastic and professional support of Laerke Nissen. Curious? Click here.

Warm wishes,

PS Please share in the comment box below what you thought of the exercises, what you noticed and if you have any questions. What did you experience after the exercises? Could you give them your full attention?