14 March 2024

When I was about 15 years old somebody told me: ´Did you know that your name means 3 x YES?’

My name is Jessica, for those who don´t know me yet.

It was one of the (many) mysteries in my life that I wanted to untangle.

It was clear to me that the first part of my name´, ´Jes´, represents the English ´Yes´. And I also knew that ´Si´ is the Spanish yes, but I had no idea in which language ´Ca´ meant yes.

In the past 30 years it would cross my mind sometimes, and I would search the internet to find the language that matches ´Ca´. I wasn´t able to find it.

In hindsight I can see that I gave up too soon.

Whether you believe in it or not, I am a Libra, and one of Libra´s flaws is that they can choose the easy way when things get challenging. Sometimes, I recognize that trait in myself, when things get a little tense, or when it really comes down to it, the ´when push comes to shove´ momentum.

I can now see how the unsolved mystery of my name represents my attitude to life at that time. All those years I only felt 2 yeses, and the third one was a strong ´Yes, But´. ´Yes, But who I am I?´, ´Yes, But not now´, ´Yes, But what if?´.

Because I feel a huge passion for developing myself, I work with professionals in different areas from time to time. I choose people who confront me with all kinds of styles that are stretching me. More and more I understand and feel where my fears and limiting beliefs come from. Sometimes my stubborn brain needs to hear the same thing multiple times, and yet every time a piece of the puzzle falls into place.

Is the fear gone? No, still there, but my mind is not trying to coop with it as much as I used to do.

Is the anger gone? No, it can present itself when I least expect it, but I recognize easier the underlying layers. 

Is the sadness gone? No, I can feel it really intensely at times, and the pain is a door to enter instead of ignoring and pushing it away.

What changed is that I know now I have to take responsibility for my emotions, and that I have to own them fully. Recognizing where the feelings in the core are coming from works liberating.

Step by step I stand more truly for that what ‘calls to me’, even when I don´t have full clarity how it looks like exactly. And with opening up to this process, I started looking for the 3rd Yes, the ´Ca´. I had a revelation that said I would be able to find it if I looked for ´Ka´. And there it was, I found the word ´Ka´ in the Thai language, where it is used as a polite way to address women, ànd as a clear ´YES´!

·        Are you feeling a clear resounding YESSSes?

·        Which ´Yes, But’s´ are holding you back?

Would you like to discover which FULL YES wants to unfold within you?

Reach out to me so that together we will discover what truly calls to you, step by step.

Warm regards, Jessica (YESS YESS YESS :D)

PS. Btw in this process, besides the YES, the full NO‘s are becoming clearer as well 😉