The image that heals

16 April 2024

Family constellations are a powerful tool to allow trauma to be felt and seen by making it visible. Family constellations are a part of systemic work, pioneered by Bert Hellinger. 

A 1-on-1 session with a table constellation gives clear insight into our family patterns and how they impact us. We often don’t realize how much of the weight we carry with us comes from our parents, grandparents and ancestors. In this session, we use small wooden puppets to represent your family and make your family dynamics visible. 

A few years ago, I took part in a family constellation day with Els van Steijn. I felt called to it because I noticed how certain emotions still have a hold on me, and I felt it was time to face another layer. It was an incredible experience where I got to meet the father of my aborted half-sister/brother in the constellation. If he hadn’t taken a step back and made space, I wouldn’t be here today. This experience shone a new light on the ´old story´ I had about myself and my family.

This experience inspired me to do a course in systemic work with table constellations. From my own experience I can say that something magical happens when you put the puppets in their right place. It sheds light on the patterns of your family, and it helps you get to the core of the themes in your life.

´The image that heals´ is a beautiful and fitting quote that I heard during the course. 

A table constellation is helpful and healing if you need clarity on why you carry certain fears with you, feel intense anger without understanding where it comes from, or feel a deep painful sense of sadness.

It helps with finding the missing pieces of the puzzle and creates space for new insight. It often touches something on the surface and has a ripple effect into the deeper layers of our system, it’s supporting your healing process and will be felt and noticeable afterwards in your daily life.

Are you curious to find out what a table constellation can make visible for you and your family patterns?

I look forward to guide you in this process!

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