‘It felt like an extracting coffee’

15 May 2024

“On every road you will encounter a narrow passage. Only when you dare to move through it, life becomes spacious.”

Anselm Grün

During a session with a client, we encountered a ´narrow passage´, like described in this quote.

Her thoughts were battling with each other. I guided her to acknowledging the thoughts and also what she felt in her body, like the intense feelings and the discomfort. I helped her to dive inside with her breathing and bringing her attention inwards, so she could experience what was going on in her body.

A wave of emotions came up, intense like a tsunami. She fully owned the feelings and took responsibility for them. Like a woman giving birth being engulfed by contractions. She gave it her full attention and the emotion faded. Then a new, even bigger wave came up, and she knew what she had to do. She now knew she could handle it.

Later she described this experience in a beautiful metaphor: it felt like an espresso machine extracting the coffee by pushing pressed hot water through the funnel, allowing it to come gushing out on the other end. She had felt a similar process in her body: the feelings moved from her head to her throat, and then slowly seeping through to her lower body.

´This must turn out to be the most delicious coffee´? I said. She laughed through her tears. She took this courageous step because she was ready for this experience, this deep dive inside, and she was done with her limiting beliefs and constant worrying and having these doubts.

The heavy mood that she felt when we started the session had been pushed through a narrow passage and had made space for lightness. She was able to experience a deeper layer of peace, relaxation, and spaciousness. This space opened new doors and opportunities that she couldn’t see in the narrow state she was in.

The funny thing is, that this session was somewhere in 2022. Never could imagined back then, that this metaphor became more real in my life, working also as a barista now in London. With this video, that I made yesterday, I can bring the experience of the client even more alive.

Do you notice that you are holding back something which creates overthinking and/or tensions in your body?

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All the best, Jessica