Do you listen to the voice of your body?

30 May 2024

My body is giving me all kinds of signs, each day in every moment.

A while ago I felt some tension in the area of my lungs, like I could not breathe freely. It was telling me that I want to take in more oxygen and feel more free and spacious when breathing. For a long time I had no idea how to listen to all these sensations that were going on in my body. Actually I was very unaware of them. It was a process of many years to feel, recognize, listen and to be able to interpret the signs of my body in a self caring way.

Especially in the pelvic area I was unconscious for a long time, for all kinds of reasons, here you can read more about it. Until I found out I had a symptom and that changed everything. Now I am much more aware and at the same time still learning a lot from my own body. I guess this is a never-ending process.

Two years ago I started with horse riding, which helped me to bring my attention more into my pelvis. The horse was showing me what I have to learn in that moment. Relaxing more into the hips, acknowledging the fear and surrendering to the movements of riding the horse. It´s truly an art and a challenge!

What signs are your body giving you, and are you willing to listen?

If you want to feel more present in your body and less stuck in your head, and you feel a willingness to take the time to do this in your own pace at home, I would like to share a series of three exercises with you.

  • Three powerful exercises that awaken your whole body
  • They give you clarity when you are stuck in your head
  • The exercises are focused on not just the body but the breath as well
  • They take you from the attic (your head) to the basement (your lower body)
  • The exercises not only stimulate a physical experience, but they also evoke your creativity: you will notice that the exercises bring up inspiration and insight from a deeper layer within you.

How does it work?

I will share the exercises with you through an online session around 45 minutes. I will then invite you to do them every day for at least a week, to experience the results. 

These exercises help you be more in touch with your body and feel mentally more clarity. They provide healthy movement for your pelvis and help you feel more grounded and stand firmer in life. They strengthen the foundation of your house.

When you sink deeper into your body, you will feel what is truly needed for you right now, what you don’t need anymore and what you need to prioritize.

The series can be quite intense and bring up a lot. It is like giving yourself a bodywork session in the comfort of your own home.

Experiences from other clients

  • ‘I feel a deep sense of calm after the exercises, and I feel like I stand firmer. I am more conscious of the critical thoughts I have about myself, which is quite confronting´.
  • ‘I used to have hot flashes about 3 x a day, in the three weeks since I started doing these exercises almost daily I have only had one´.
  • ‘I was more direct in saying no to people, it was a clear sensation in my body’
  • ‘I stopped taking medication for my bladder 3 days ago, and I am in less pain than when I did take my medication´.
  • ‘What I enjoyed most about the exercises is that I felt the after effect mostly in my arms. By stretching the limits of my body I was able to feel the energy get into motion´.
  • ‘I feel the energy move through me’
  • ‘I have been doing the grounding exercises for a week now and I have so much energy! Such a big difference since I am normally tired every day. I also seem to be less hungry, and I notice that I am more determined to put my ideas into action. Such a small habit, with such a large effect’.
  • ‘I noticed that I was looking forward to the exercises, like my body needed them. They helped me take some big decisions recently, and I felt a huge amount of energy and clear insights.’
  • ‘My body, mind and soul felt deeply calm´.
  • ‘I have noticed that I have been a bit more strong-willed in the last few days´.
  • ‘I am not sure if it has to do with the exercises, but there is a lot happening around me. Lots of changes, like the renovation of my kitchen and new people that I have met. I feel a deep sense of trust and positivity´.
  • ‘I noticed I make quicker decisions then before’

Curious to experience these exercises for yourself?

Are you willing to spend at least 10 to 15 minutes a day doing these exercises? Only then this serie of exercises are something for you.

The price of this 45 minute session is € 37,-.

Yes, I want to plan a session to learn these exercises!

To a clear voice of your body!