Tuning in to the wisdom of your pelvis

24 June 2024

What is your relationship with your pelvis?

As a woman, you might experience the pelvic area as a sensitive and vulnerable place, especially during menstruation, pregnancy, ovulation, menopause, during intimacy, or if you experience any symptoms.

When I was 33 years old, 3 years after I had given birth to our daughter, I started losing blood in between my periods. A gynaecologist’s analysis showed that I had a fibroma of about 2 cm on my left ovary. Instead of getting it removed, I decided to investigate alternative methods and through sessions of a bodywork method I got back in touch with my body and as well my pelvic area.

A few years later I went back to a gynaecologist for a checkup, and the fibroma was no longer there. It made me realize the powerful ability of our self healing ability of our bodies.

Ever since, I have been more conscious of my body, especially my pelvis. I see it as my inner compass: am I making the choices that are important for my path? Am I following my creative flow? Which direction do I want to take?

Would you like to read more about my personal story and why I started guiding people? You can read my story here.

I am offering a 3 month program for women called ´Tuning in to the Wisdom of your Pelvis´. The program is connected to the following themes:

  • Inner confidence and self love, feeling your own worthiness.
  • Making decisions, setting priorities and taking steps, this includes physical exercises that will help you make decisions and take actionable steps.
  • Time: how you can experience an abundance of time, even when you have a set time limit.
  • Creative flow, how do you find your inner creative flow from your deepest core and longings.

Yes, I want to tune in to the wisdom of my pelvis!

What others say:

‘‘Jessica specializes in healing trauma. Traumas are often stored in the body and can manifest in many different ways. For a lot of women, trauma is stored in the pelvic area, which is why she developed this program centred around the pelvic especially for women.”

You deserve to come home within yourself!

With love, Jessica